Over 1500 Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles. One of the largest shows in Kentucky.


(Words by Doug Gregory, 8/22/15) - Fifteen hundred and thirty-three. 1,533 registered cars.  More showed up after registration.  By a large margin the 2015 edition of the relatively young annual event was a huge success.  Not only did it grow, but lots of rides we’d never seen before graced us with their presence.  You would likely be hard-pressed to find over 1,500 cars in downtown Cynthiana on any given business day.  This small town founded in 1793 and with a population of little more than 6,300 is located within Harrison county in Central Kentucky.  It has the distinction of being the site where most of the world’s Post-It notes are made in the local 3M plant.  It was the Northern-most site attacked in Morgan’s Raid during the Civil War.  The townspeople are full behind this yearly event and it has grown tremendously during its relatively few years.

Put us on your cruise calendar to attend our 7th Annual Cynthiana Rod Run on August 25, 2018.






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Bill Gibson's Christine Movie Car is the most expansive, immersive Christine experience traveling today, now with fourteen years of thrilling fans under her wheels. Gibson took his passion for the 1983 Stephen King novel and film, and poured it into a loving restoration that stands as a detail-for-detail screen accurate representation of the titular homicidal vehicle, made of actual parts from cars featured in the John Carpenter directed horror classic.


This Lovely lady who just happens to have an actual assembly date of October 31st ,



1957 has appeared on “Graveyard Carz” & starred in films “Jacob”, John Schneider’s “Smothered”, SyFy’s “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens”,  & most recently last August in John Carpenter's Anthology Music Video. She also has been featured in Fangoria, Horrorhound and several Mopar magazines.


Christine Movie Car offers more than your average show car experience, as she comes to life before your eyes, headlights glowing, smoke rolling and doo wop tunes flowing. Gibson has outfitted his 'girl' with state of the art effects that recreate actions from the movie, putting convention patrons “inside” the motion picture. Just hope she doesn't get too close!  Often imitated, never duplicated, Bill Gibson's Christine Movie Car offers a rare treat for fright fans and hot rod lovers alike.


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